SW Energy is now seriously targeting the African market as well!
Together with our Belgian partner, we are raising the standard of
living for African families to a European level.
It also aims to create opportunities for children to concentrate on
schooling and free mothers of the family for productive work while
making homework easier.
At the heart of everything is a non-polluting and non-polluting way
of living and also environmentally friendly, decentralized energy production.
… Of course with the sun, we are in Africa!
Two years are now practicing! These tasks requires a lot of
patience, says SW Energy.
Our target countries so far are: Kenya, Gambia and Somaliland

Exports of solar energy to Africa are finally working!
Energy Container has finally arrived in Somalia and Gambia.
There it now produces clean solar energy for the needs of every houses on yard.
For lighting, air conditioning, kitchen and infrared sauna.
Rooms can also be rented, even for holidays.
We are excited!

Interested? Pls. tell us: info@swenergia.fi


All technic in one isollated container.
• Solar energy based on factorial information
• Size of battery storage optimal
• Inverter that is the right size for you, thus

From Energy container electric for all houses, wihout back outs.
With the Energy container & EasySolar 5000 kit, you can use:
• Microwave oven
• Coffee machine or even a vacuum cleaner.
• Waching machine
• Dish washer (at same time with washing machine)
Enough energy to share between 2-3 houses.


Save the forest by using an induction cooker powered by solar energy.

Instead of burning trees, plant trees